What a steal: GTA V added to Xbox Game Pass


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Xbox Game Pass just got a lot more felonious. Rockstar’s 2013 record-breaker is now a part of Xbox’s premier subscription service.

Today, Grand Theft Auto Vwas added to Xbox Game Pass. Despite releasing nearly seven years ago, GTA Vis still immensely popular. On PC, it’s the fourth-most played game on Steam today.

This isn’t because of GTA V‘s singleplayer campaign, but rather the MMO-like GTA Online. This 30-player anything-goes sandbox is full of jobs, heists, races, and general mayhem. Rob a bank, steal a chopper — that kind of stuff. GTA Onlineisn’t automatically included as part of Xbox Game Pass, however; it requires a separate Xbox Live Gold subscription or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which rolls Gold into Game Pass).

On Xbox’s end, GTA Onlinemight very well drive some more Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. As for Rockstar, parent company Take-Two’s financials reliably indicate that GTA Onlinemicrotransactions are a major source of revenue. Exposing more people to the game will certainly leave some of them inclined to spend some money.Grand Theft Auto Vis a fantastic addition to Xbox Game Pass, but it’s also a savvy partnership for both Xbox and Rockstar.

Available Today with Xbox Game Pass for Console: Grand Theft Auto V [Xbox Wire]