What are your video gaming resolutions for 2020?


Starting the decade as you mean to go on

It’s here! Not only a whole new year, but a whole new decade! Ten years of new tech, new games, and new experiences. Who knows what changes 2020 onward will bring to our favourite pastime? Especially with a fresh generation of consoles waiting just in the wings. Exciting stuff.

Every new year brings with it the promise of new beginnings. January 1 is, at the end of the day, just an arbitrary calendar marker – you can be whoever you want to be whenever you choose – but it’s as good a time as any to encourage positive change in oneself. Whatever your personal goals are for this coming decade, just take everything at your own pace and remember to enjoy the journey of self-discovery. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes a while, or if you stumble along the way. Have faith in yourself and I’m sure you’ll make progress. After all, I believe in you.

In the spirit of ch-ch-changes, we’d love to hear of any gaming-related resolutions you have set for yourself. Personally, I really need to get on top of my procrastination, (I think the cool kids call it “Choice Paralysis”, bless ’em), which has cost me hours/days of time wasted. I want to spend less time hovering over libraries, and more time actually enjoying stuff. Just Press Play.

How about you? Maybe you want to clear out your backlog, or spend less money on games altogether. Maybe you want to double down on a competitive title, start streaming, join an esports club, or play more Rainbow Six Siege? ( I mean, we’ve all set that one). Whatever your gaming goals for the coming year, or ten years for that matter, let us know below.

Here’s hoping 2020 brings you much love, adventure, and happiness. Own your decade, friends.