What classic game have you never gotten around to?


The holidays are the perfect time to revisit the classics

It might surprise you to hear, but there are a lot of video games. Like, all the time. Just dozens of them. And not only this year too, but many other years, even before yours truly was born. Over the years, there are plenty of games, both niche interests and lionized classics, that I have just never got around to.

Last year, I started a new tradition for myself. During the holiday break, I would pick one classic game and finally play it. Last year, I chose Super Metroid. I missed it the first time around because, well, I didn’t really have regular access to a Super Nintendo growing up. And even then, I didn’t know anyone who was a big Metroid fan.

It wasn’t until Metroid Prime, years and years later, that I’d be introduced to the series. And even longer until I’d sit down on one cold winter’s evening, boot up Nintendo Switch Online, and set a course for the planet Zebes. And ultimately, I got to see why it’s such a classic, and how it holds up even now.

So, this year, I’m already making plans on what I’ll be playing for the holidays. I’m a little torn, and so selfishly, part of this blog is asking for advice. On one hand I’m looking at hitting some of the classic Final Fantasy games that had passed me by, specifically Final Fantasy VI.

On the other hand, though, I’m intrigued to finally see firsthand what Planescape: Torment is all about. It’s constantly referred to as a pillar of the genre, especially for those who—like myself—like the storytelling and dialogue parts of their RPG. Since I’ve fallen in deep with Baldur’s Gate 3, the desire to play Planescape has grown even more.

It’s odd, sometimes. I think for a while I felt a little ashamed because, whether for my age or just never having them available, I missed out on some classics. There was a piece of the gaming library that I had knowledge of, sure, but never firsthand experience.

But with my holiday classics, I realized it was a little gift I could look forward to every year. I’d get to set aside some time and see these games for the first time, with the fresh eyes I wish I could have for some of my own favorites. Sure, I had missed some classic video games the first time around. But getting to treat myself to a classic marathon years later has been its own reward.

So are there any classic video games that have slipped you by? Any plans to use the holidays, or maybe just some weekends in the coming weeks and months, to finally check them out? Let us know down below.