What did Capcom finally get so right with Resident Evil 7?


Talking Resident Evil 7 in-depth

Hello “fam.” It’s me, “Daddy,” and all these modern-day neologisms aren’t just an attempt to stay with it; they’ll be familiar to you and appropriately amusing in their horrific juxtaposition if you’ve played Resident Evil 7. The jig is up. The game’s good, folks.

But why? And why did [redacted] send [redacted] that [redacted] if [redacted]? Who was [redacted] working with? Why was [redacted] with [redacted]? And holy shit, when [redacted] jumps in the [redacted] and [redacted]!!! We decided to go full spoiler cast with our Resident Evil 7 episode of Podtoid and brought longtime series fan and current Capcom Brand Manager Tim Turi along for the ride.

Whether you’ve finished the game yourself and are looking for answers, or just want a meaty discussion, please enjoy this special episode of Podtoid.

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