What did you get for Christmas this year, Destructoid?


It’s going to be a spicy holiday

As anyone with kids knows; your piles of Christmas gifts begin to shrink over time.

My family wasn’t perfect, but Christmas was. My mom knew exactly how to make that day memorable, to the point where I’ve practically memorized every gift and kind act she made throughout my entire childhood (shoutout to Zen: Intergalactic Ninja and Toxic Crusaders NES, two rockin’ obscure parental picks). That’s the philosophy I want to pass on to my daughter: to channel my Christmas spirit into her experience as she grows. My kid was dressed like Elsa and opened up a giant snow fortress playset: I think things are going great.

So! In recent years, Christmas has been relatively low key for me. What do you get the full-time gaming reviewer that he doesn’t already have? It’s nigh impossible! Today, I got a lot of great gifts from friends and family that involved hot sauce and food of some kind. Given how much time I spend cooking in the kitchen, it checks out.

My wife got me an amazing “couples do-it-yourself” painting kit that tasks us with creating a star-filled night sky (I’m gonna need more than a few YouTube tutorials but she’s more than up to the task). I gave her a D.Va mouse for her work laptop, and a Murloc backpack: I might not get gaming gifts as much any more, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give them!

What about you? One of my favorite parts of the year is seeing all of the cool gifts from around the Dtoid community.