What do you think of Ubisoft and Nintendo's Switch partnership so far?


It didn’t used to be this way

Last generation, the relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo was a disaster.

The Wii U just wasn’t selling: but that situation was perpetuated by third parties who refused to develop anything but poor ports for it, further bringing the Wii U down into a vicious spiral. Ubisoft was a chief architect of abandoning the hardware quickly. After ZombiUat launch, the publisher quickly backtracked, actually taking away the previously announced Wii U exclusivity of Rayman Legends in a near-unprecedented fashion. From there they just kind of dumped ports onto it until they didn’t feel like doing that anymore.

Things are a whole lot better now. WhenYves Guillemot trotted out on stage with Shigeru Miyamoto to present Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle you knew the relationship was taking a turn. From there they pledged more ports as well as the huge partnership with Starlink: Battle for Atlas to bring Star Fox to the Switch edition: completely eclipsing all other versions of the game.

Now that Starlinkis out and we can more accurately assess this whole situation: how is it working out so far for you? For all of the diehard Nintendo fans out there, does it put Ubisoft in a more favorable light?