What do you want to see revealed at E3?


Here’s what we want to see

E3 is quickly creeping up on us. In not too long, the hype train for dozens of games will leave the station on a non-stop trip to Salesville. And while one of the best things about E3 is seeing all the new IPs developers and publishers reveal, I can’t help but think about the game’s I’d love to see new entries in. There are so many great properties out there that are just ripe for a big return, whether it’s because of new hardware like the Nintendo Switch, improved performance like what we expect out of Project Scorpio, or a long-in-the-works VR project that will take a beloved franchise into the next dimension.

I’m excited for what we’re going to see and the other writers here at Destructoid are excited as well. So I asked them what games they wanted to see this year.There were several games I considered writing about for this feature. Out of left field, I’d love to see Mega Man Maker be a real thing. More grounded in reality, having Luigi’s Next Mansion or Contra 5 announced at E3 would bring a huge smile to my face as those are two of my favorite franchises.

But when I really sat down and pondered about the industry, its past and the games from yesteryear that have been absent for a while, one repeatedly came to mind as the game to write about, to wish into existence: WarioWare Switch.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this series, of all of Nintendo’s great series, has been on hiatus. I guess Game & Wario could count as an entry but it isn’t nearly as good as its predecessors. My first experience with the series was WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii, a game me and my best friend would spend hours playing. From there I found copies of Touched!, Twisted!, and the original. I also bought D.I.Y. day one but never managed to make anything worthwhile in it.

It’s been far too long since Wario ambushed players with his eclectic collection of single-serve microgames. At this point, I’d even take a Rhythm Heaven Megamix type release that brought the best (or all) of the microgames from all the WarioWare games into one package. With the Nintendo Switch, that would absolutely be possible.

Chris Carter

Souls. I’m predictable like that.

Well, it doesn’t even have to be “Souls,” you know? A Bloodborne 2 would suffice, perhaps a Demon’s Souls 2, or anything by From Software. I guess that’s a Soulsafter all isn’t it?

While the series always ran the risk of becoming rote, From always found a way to keep us on our toes, even when director Miyazaki took a brief step back. It’s a routine that I’ve sorely missed — the initial surprise of a reveal, the sheer terror and stress of playing through a completely unknown world for the first time. A few projects have come close to replicating that feeling (and a few don’t even approach its shadow, like The Surge), but there’s nothing quite like popping in a fresh Soulsdisc and getting eaten by a Mimic that you forgot to check.

Peter Glagowski

I’ve been thinking about this answer since CJ sent us the question and I honestly can’t think of a game. Seeing as how all the shit that used to be a surprise at E3 gets spoiled/leaked nowadays, there really isn’t much I can wish for that isn’t already in the works or outright canceled. I suppose if I had to say something really crazy, I would sidestep a specific game and wish for the end of designated console platforms. A single, unified console would be awesome, but that is likely to never happen.

It wouldn’t even need to be an end of console manufacturing for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Instead of having platform specific games, we get platform specific features. Nintendo can make entry level, budget consoles that get gamers off the ground and playing. Sony can market almost exclusively to Japan, where they tend to have the most clout. Microsoft would focus on making the high-end equipment and having appeal with dudebros in college dorms. It would be great to see these companies stop fighting over what consoles get what games and start working towards making gaming more open to everyone.


It would be easy for me to use this opportunity to gush about how much I want Metroid Prime 4. I wouldn’t be wrong.

However, I also remember a time when I was disappointed that instead of Metroid Prime 4, we were getting Donkey Kong Country Returns 2. The original Returns was a good game, but surely the DK series couldn’t stand up to the glory that is Metroid?

When we finally got Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, it ended up being the single best game on the Wii U, and one of the greatest platformers ever made.

That day I learned that I can’t in good conscience choose between Retro Studios’ games. If they want to make more Metroid, I’m with them. If they are working on more Donkey Kong, I’m down. If Nintendo dug up F-Zero and gave it to Retro, I’d be ecstatic. Hell, if they announced Hello Kitty X Link’s Crossbow TrainingI’d be up for it.

It doesn’t matter what it is; I just want whatever Retro Studios is making.


WarioWare? Snooze. More Metroid? As if that’ll ever happen. And Jiminy, aren’t there enough Soulsgames already, Chris? You guys are lame. I, however, am the voice of the people. The people demand satisfaction. They demand the highly anticipated third chapter of the greatest game series of all time. And they demand it to be announced at E3.

The people demand Portal 3!

The first time I played Portal, I was absolutely stunned. It took a concept I had never before seen in a game and made it work flawlessly. The sequel took an already amazing concept and expanded upon it, adding new techniques and gameplay mechanics that shouldn’t have meshed so well with the core gameplay, but totally nailed it anyway. To top it all off, both games were hilarious and smart in every wayand even managed to add a strange lore to the whole world delivered entirely organically. I do not hesitate at all in calling the Portalseries an absolute masterpiece in gaming.

Now, here we are, six years later and absolutely no sign of the third game in this amazing series. But, like Shenmue 3and The Last Guardianbefore it, I fully expect Portal 3to get its surprise due at this year’s E3, shocking everyone who’d never expectsuch a sight. Something tells me Chell isn’t totally free from Aperture’s twisted world of science gone mad, and I for one certainly hope they’re not.

Jonathan Holmes

Strangely enough, the game I most want to see at E3 2017 is sort of like Portal 3 spelled backward in Japanese. That’s right, kids! It’s Tobal 3, the fighting game that millions of people don’t know that they want, but would definitely love if the could.

Tobal #1 was released on the PS1 back in the 90s, and it sold pretty well, largely thanks to its packed-in demo forFinal Fantasy 7. Created by a team of ex-Virtua Fighter and Tekken developers, and with character designs by Dragon Ball and Chrono Trigger‘s Akira Toriyama, the game was wildly original, but not quite strong enough to become a classic. Its sequel though? That’s one of the best fighting games ever made.

Tobal 2 excels as both a multiplayer and a single player experience. Its quest mode is particularly compelling, combining traditional 3D fighting gameplay with the randomized dungeon structure ofBinding of Isaac and the monster catching antics of Pokemon. Attacked by an owlbear, penguin, zombie, or pile of sentient, violent jelly that you really admire? Beat them to a pulp, throw a purple crystal at them when they’re at 10% health, and they’re all yours. That works for any of thegame’s +185 monsters.You can even catch and ride a Chocobo!

If Tobal 3 was just a port of Tobal 2, but with a few new characters and added online play, it could still end up a massive hit. Pokemon, Dragonball, and roguelikes each had niche appeal with adults in the 90s, but today, all three have huge followings with kids and adults all over the world. Combining them all again in 2017 seems like a no-brainer, right? They wouldn’t even have to update the graphics that much! That texture-free, high frame rate, low-poly look is so hot right now, especially with kids in their 20s, waxing nostalgic for a youth spent gaming on the PS2.

Jordan Devore

It wouldn’t be the flashiest or most unexpected reveal, but gosh darn it, I’d love GameCube titles on the Switch, and I want Nintendo to do one of those “It’s available later today!” announcements at E3. We still know next to nothing about Virtual Console aside from what the rumor mill has turned up.

My E3 wish seemed like a no-brainer when CJ first raised this question, but now, I’m not sure what’s happening over in Nintendo land.The company has altered its upcoming paid online service for Switch to include “ongoing access to a library of classic games [like Super Mario Bros. 3] with added online play,” and it’s unclear what that change might mean for Virtual Console as we know it.

I don’t care how it happens, I just want Pikmin 2 and Metroid Prime on Switch this year.

Salvador G-Rodiles

This might be the most impossible reveal to happen at E3, but it’d be nice if a Super Robot Wars game would be announced for the West.

While licensing issues is one of the biggest factors behind the series not going West, Bandai Namco and B.B. Studios could bypass this hurdle with a Super Robot Wars game that features mechs from Western live-action titles and cartoons.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Megas XLR, Symbionic Titan, the Iron Giant, Gypsy Danger, and the new Voltron joining forces to fight a huge threat? I believe the answer will always be “Hell Freaking Yes.” Combine this with the robots being shown as SD 2D sprites doing their signature moves in the most dynamic way possible, and you end up with a solid strategy RPG that’ll please your inner desire to pilot a colossal machine.

As long as B.B. Studios gets to give it their all, this game could change the way how people in the West view crossover stories. The main reason is that the franchise is more than just a fanservice title for fans of giant robotssince the team is known for taking the time to craft a fun narrative where all of these shows can coexist in the same universe. In some cases, they can even turn a terrible series into an enjoyable one.

Most importantly, you’ll get to hear some great remixes of the signature tunes featured in these shows and films. Who knows, this Super Robot Wars title might spark a trend where more games with giant robots will enter the scene.

Josh Tolentino

With Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, and The Last Guardianall released and in the wild by now, I’m plum out of things I’m actively looking forward to at E3 beyond surprises. Anything else I’ve been anticipating, such as Destiny 2and Assassin’s Creed: Originsare practically a given, be they detailed here or at Gamescom. I suppose seeing updates on some of the more intriguing titles from other trade shows would be cool, like more details about Wild, Michel Ancel’s caveman-times druid simulator (and also fuel for giant-lady fetishists). I’d expect that word about the Persona team’s next project would probably be dropped closer to the Tokyo Game Show, or even just to Atlus’ YouTube page rather than at a more Western-centric show like E3.


The bitter tears of Metroid and F-Zero fans.

A full game starring Linkle because there is a thread I want to moderate.

Advance Wars to become a dating sim where Sami and Nell can kiss. Or one with a definitive solution to breaking multiplayer stalemates because otherwise, the franchise needs to remain dead.

A Freedom Wars PS4 remaster shamelessly pillaged from Vita’s corpse.

Todd Howard to fall through the floor’s geometry when they show off Skyrim for the Switch.

And for Square Enix to announce a game that will actually release within two year’s time. One that doesn’t tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


That hypothetical Linkle thread would be amazing. And Jordan I agree. I would like to know what’s going on with the Virtual Console, if only for the fact I own the first two Earthbounds and would hate to only be able to “rent” the third one if it’s ever localized.