What is this Pokemon in the Sun and Moon trailer?


Bring on the fan art

My favorite part of any new Pokémon game is seeing the new batch of creatures and inevitably getting into kerfuffles about how great or terrible they are, depending on who you ask. Some of us still have strong thoughts about make-believe monsters, just like when we were kids. It’s (mostly) in good fun.

Taking a break from the starter Pokémon of Sun and Moon for a moment, we have a new target to set our sights on: this… dog-looking thing? I’m not sure what I’m seeing here. Enhance!

Okay, so those aren’t horns — that’s just the trainer’s shoes blending into its ears.

Maybe some speculative fan art can give us a better idea. Here’s one mock-up from redditor Hanimetion:

You know I’d be down for a Shiba-like Pokémon.

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