What other original Xbox games would you like to see remastered?


Metal Wolf Chaos is certainly a favorite

That headline is a bit disingenuous because it’s not actually myquestion. It’s the question of Code Mystics, the studio that headed up the recent free remaster of Phantom Dustfor Xbox One. Admittedly, it holds more weight when the developer asks it.

Still, Code Mystics wants to know what other original Xbox games you’d like to see remastered. The informal Twitter surveyhas a clear favorite. The people want From Software’s Metal Wolf Chaosre-released.

Obviously, there are more roadblocks in place for remasters than just listening to the crowd’s choice. But, it’s a fine way to reinforce where Microsoft should have its sights set. Also, there’s a fair chance that Code Mystics is Xbox’s new studio that makes old games new.

Anyway, it seems like a good topic of conversation for the weekend. What old Xbox games do you want to see make a comeback? Let’s add to the survey.

@CodeMystics [Twitter]