What were some of the most underrated games of the last generation?


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Against our better judgment, the Podtoid crew can sometimes be capable of talking about video games. Sometimes. It’s kind of hard to talk about current games right now because of this dang summer drought that we’re stuck in. So, we decided to talk about the last generation and what some of the more underrated gems were.

Don’t fret, though! It’s not all on-topic focused conversation. If memory serves, I think we also berated Darren for making us all wait while he ate dinner. There’s also a bit in this week’s Podtoid Hot Dish where we berate Darren for telling us that 2006 is the opposite of 2009. Really, it’s just a lot of Darren bashing, but still not enough Darren bashing.

Now, that you’ve listened to Podtoid 346: Underrated Games of Last Generation, what are some titles that make your list and why do you also love Enslaved: Odyssey to the Westso much?

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