What year is it? A new Turrican reveal is coming this week


Super Turrican is still the best Turrican

In the ’90s,Turrican was a force of nature.

Although a lot of people probably don’t think of the series on a daily or even weekly basis now, it was a very memorable run and gun series with multiple iterations several decades ago, spanning multiple platforms and generations. It was extremely ’90s, as the players would control a “mutant warrior” named Turrican, bent on destroying evil despots taking over the planet.

Now, studio Factor 5 (who re-emerged from a financial crisis in 2017) and publisher Strictly Limited Games have the gargantuan task of making this series relevant in the modern era, as Turricanis making a comeback. Announced this morning, Factor 5 will be reviving the series just as we’re coming up on its 30th anniversary, with “more info coming tomorrow during Gamescom opening night livestream.”

Nostalgia enough isn’t enough to sell in this era of saturation, so let’s see if they bring it.