Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?


All Aboard

Happy weekend, friends, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that this week has treated you brilliantly, and that the coming weekend offers you some rest, good times, and happy experiences. I want nothing but the best for all of you. Me, I have very little to report… What did I do? Well, I watched Death on the Nile, which, despite its budget, cast, director, and source material, is a frighteningly unglamorous, unattractive, and strangely cheap-looking movie.

There’s some fine stuff in the mix: Emma Mackey’s Crazy Eyes, Sophie Okenado looking chill af, and some compellingly bad “playing to the cheap seats” performances. Oh, and an entire World War battle is recreated purely to give Poirot’s mustache an origin story. Overall, it’s fine Sunday-afternoon-with-nothing-to-do fodder, but it’s odd “TV movie” aesthetic collides with its “class cinema” intent.

Feel De Nial

As you might have read, I’m currently in an extended process of moving house, while simultaneously continuing to fulfill my duties on the Good Ship Dtoid. As such, I’ve unfortunately had much less time than I would like to play games. This is frustrating, as there is a lot I want to play… Guilty Gear with Testament, Street Fighter V post final update, Returnal DLC, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, (wholeheartedly recommended to me by our own Jordan Devore.) There will be time, in time. For now, my spare time has been Kenneth Branagh’s expensive vanity projects… And that’s fine.


But now, before I put my own little grey cells to rest, I stand and accusingly point the finger at YOU, the Destructoid community. I ask you to take the stand and inform all of your fellow passengers Whatcha Been Playing. Will your gaming obsessions provide you an alibi as a TrUe GAmEr? Or will your confessions lead to us all fanning ourselves and fainting onto couches left, right, and center? Nah, there’s zero judgment here. We just want to see what you’ve been up to lately, we’re nosy like that. So join the party, I wanna hear from all y’all, friends.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.