What's the one thing from Final Fantasy VII Remake that you want to see carried over to Part 2?


Well, you can tell us more than one!

There are a lot of lingering questions when it comes to Final Fantasy VII Remake – Part 2.

Like…what does it entail? How far off the beaten path will the new story go? Is it going to be a true open world adventure, or another linear, narrative-driven action romp? Right now, as of the end of January 2021, all Square Enix is saying is that it will introduce people to the world at large.

It’s vague! But I’m also kind of glad that the publisher isn’t giving us wild promises, or even timelines right now. We’ll get Part 2 when we get it, and a lot of those potential story twists should be concealed, so they’re surprises when they actually do happen (much like they were with the remake).

But what about down to Earth mechanical requests? We all have an idea of how Part 2 should go, even if it’s one wishlist item. A lot of Remakeplayers want some sort of carry-over, or even in extreme cases, a full save file port with levels and gear and everything. I’m dubious of the latter case happening given that this next “part” is likely going to be standalone, but some sort of bonus is probably a good bet.

Given comments so far from Square Enix, some analysts predict that the game will perhaps only go up to the end of theNibelheim arc in the original. I think we’ll get a heavy focus there actually, with lots of Zack and Cloud backstory: intertwining events from Crisis Coreand the like. If they really wanted, they could make half of a “part” a Crisis Coreretelling. That game really needs some love anyway as it has never been re-released!

My top request is probably true open world exploration. Not just a little dabble here and there like running from one small island sandbox to the next: but more access to the world than the original, with lots of little secrets and even new superbosses to find. Go wild with it! Maybe gate off the airship for now, but give us boats and the like to really get around.

Sound off with your wishlist!