What's up with No Man's Sky and these mysterious packages?


Announcement at E3 or regular major update?

Hello Games has been sending packages to the Reddit moderators for the No Man’s Sky page. They include cassettes (like CDs, but even older!) numbered “x/16” and a bunch of No Man’s Sky swag — pins, socks, and a signed poster that reads “hope you like what’s next” and “dreaming of far-flung worlds.”

The cassettes, some of which have been uploaded, contain spooky music and weird noises. Run through a spectrograph you get numbers that translate to words like “portal.”

Not all the tapes are in yet so there’s some fun internet sleuthing to do yet, but it all seems like a fun way to unveil the latest big update for the game. No Man’s Sky has changed quite a bit since people were mad about all the things wrong with it. Major updates in December and March have changed the game a lot, and something big coming in June lines up with Hello Games’ 3-month update cycle.

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