What's your favorite Pixar movie?


Box office round up

With Cocotaking the first spot once again this week and no new movies to really talk about over a dead weekend it seems like perfect time to talk Pixar! It’s either that or dogging on Justice Leagueagain as it it dropped 60 percent from last week’s box office, tracking it to be the lowest-grossing DCEU film. But Pixar is a much happier subject so let’s swing that way.

I think for me it has to be Toy Story 3. While I’m not sure it’s actually the best of their films from a quality standpoint, it hit me the hardest emotionally because I grew up with the films. I had thought the third film was going to be some lackluster cash grab, but it turned out to be a powerful story about growing up, change, and imagination.

Bonus, underrated Pixar movie: The Good Dinosauris a visual stunner, if lacking a bit in story.

1.Coco$26,114,0002.Justice League–$16,580,0003.Wonder–$12,500,0004.Thor: Ragnarok–$9,659,0005.Daddy’s Home 2– $7,500,0006.Murder on the Orient Express– $6,700,0007.Lady Bird–$4,543,9908.Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri–$4,530,0009. The Star–$4,000,00010.A Bad Moms Christmas– $3,480,000