What's your favorite type of shoot 'em up?


Sound off!

Whether you realize it or not, new shoot ’em ups are being released all the time on the PC, PS4, and most recently, the Nintendo Switch.

While some genres have waxed and waned over the years or have been relegated to niche communities, shmups have sort of always been there. Even if a lot of the spark was through ports, mobile releases, or remasters, games like DoDonPachi, Ikaruga, and their ilk, will always be relevant.

And with the release of Danmaku Unlimited 3 looming on Switch this week, it got me thinking — what types of shmups do you all play? Note that the poll below isn’t mutually exclusive, as vertical shooters can also be bullet hells, but do your best, or just explain yourself in the comments.

I had to rep bullet hell of course, and my justification is always the same — they somehow manage to mash action and puzzle-solving together. Each new boss or confrontation is like an elaborate maze, a door waiting to be unlocked. As I find out the best way to move around all of the bullets and keep uptime on the boss I can’t help but smile — even if a lot of those bullets are pelting me in the face while I’m picking the game up.

What’s your favorite type of shoot ’em up (shmup)?