What's your most-played SNES Classic game so far?


Mine is EarthBound and I can’t believe it

There are 21 games included on the SNES Classic — which one are you most into right now?

My playing habits have been all over the place since the mini console launched. I beat Mega Man X‘s iconic intro after booting up the system. (Ahh, it’s so good!) I meticulously cleared the expectation-setting opening level in Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts with much-needed assistance from the rewind feature. I finished all of Donkey Kong Country because, dang, that game is way shorter than I remember.

But the SNES Classic title I’ve spent the most time with, by far, and enjoyed more than anything else? Why that’s gotta be EarthBound. This is actually a huge deal for me.

I never played the cherished RPG as a kid or even knew anyone with a copy, and my attempts to get into it since then — as recently as the Wii U Virtual Console release — have fizzled out. Now, in 2017, I’ve just defeated Master Belch for the first time. The adventure is in its early days, but I know I’m going to see it through to the end; I’m too engrossed to lose interest. I genuinely want to chat with the NPCs!

While I still regret not growing up with EarthBound, I’m happy beyond words to finally have the game click for me, thanks in no small part to the Classic’s save states and rewind ability. It just feels right playing this on official hardware with a proper SNES controller while sitting way too close to my TV. If any of you are thinking of making your way across Eagleland, don’t forget the incredible player’s guide.