When Brigitte debuts in the Overwatch League next week, she won't have her nerfs in tow


Also, New Hanzo isn’t coming either

Stage 4 of the Overwatch League begins next week on May 16. It’s kind of a monumental moment as it’s the last five weeks before the first ever OWL playoffs, followed by the Grand Finals in New York.

Right now it’s looking really good for the Boston Uprising and New York Excelsior, as they currently have a hefty lead over the rest of the pack heading into Stage 4. Odds are unless an act of God happens they’ll both be in the playoffs. On the other side of the spectrum the Shanghai Dragons have had a rough first year at 0-10, and the Dallas Fuel aren’t much better at 1-9; same goes for Florida Mayhem at 2-8.

When all of this playoff rush madness happens in Stage 4 though, it’ll bringBrigitte, the newest member of the Overwatchteam, into the mix. As a support she’ll probably be mixing up the pro meta quite a bit, especially since it’ll be her pre-nerfversion. As confirmed on-screen from OWLanalyst Josh Wilkinson, Stage 4 will be operating before the patch with Hanzo’s drastic changes andBrigitte’s nerf — and the Tracer and Genji alterations for that matter.

It’s been such a divisive choice that over 8,000 fans have signed a petition to get Blizzard to use the current patch in OWL Stage 4. There’s probably no chance of Blizzard caving, so get ready to see the fully-poweredBrigitte in less than a week.

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