Where is our Project CARS review?


Dragging a bit

Project CARSis atthe starting line raring to go, but before the green flag waves, some people would like to offer their analyses. We won’t be one of them. The game’s review embargo just lifted, but we’ll be lagging behind the pack a bit.

The reason is that we’re reviewing it on Xbox One, and our copy hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. I’m somewhat to blame, as the publisher offered us PC code earlier, but I wasn’t confident in my mid-range laptop’s ability to do the game justice. So, we’re playing it safe, even if that means getting the review out the door a few days later.

Project CARSreleases globally on PC today. On PS4 and Xbox One, it releases in Europe and Australia tomorrow, in the UK on May 8, and in North America on May 12. If you’re intent on rushing out to buy this one, as always, make sure you consult with a trusted source first — whether that be another outlet, friend, YouTuber, or whatever. Just be smart (and patient) about what you do with your money, and we’ll let you know our personal thoughts as soon as we can.