Where is our review for Devil's Third? No US review copies


NOA doesn’t seem proud of it

Tomorrow,Devil’s Third, a game years in the making, will be released in the US on Wii U, published by Nintendo. So where is all the fanfare, and reviews from US outlets? Nowhere, because Nintendo isn’t sending out review copies for it. I mean, if you want to read up on it, there’s plenty of good reviews out there from European and Japanese sources, as well as hours of gameplay footage, so it’s not like you’re in the dark. But this whole situation is just really odd.

Just today, I got a notification for the available Nintendo Download games this week, and although Fast Racing Neo, a third-party indie eShop-only game headlined it, Devil’s Third, the only retail release and technically first party, was pushed to the very bottom into the “also” section. The hype was real at one point, and Bayonetta 2seemed to work out well for them, so I guess they probably assumed this one would be a hit too — only, it didn’t pan out so well critically in Europe, hence the late to the game US shun-session. It could also partially be related to director Itagaki throwing Nintendo’s own GamePad under the bus.

As for me, I picked up a copy by way of a street-date-breaking retailer, so I’m hacking away at the single-player component. Once I complete that, I’ll wait to test out multiplayer on live servers tonight and tomorrow, hopefully bringing you a full verdict by the end of the day Friday. Since I have no embargo to abide by let’s just say the campaign is super rough, but I’m holding out hope for multiplayer, which is supposed to be fun.