Where to buy Fallout 4 the cheapest, with the best extras


Various pre-order options

Today we learned that Best Buy is selling Fallout 4 with a pair of socks, but what if you already have socks, and it’s really a pair of underwear you need, or a cravat? Perhaps you’ve already pre-ordered Fallout 4, maybe even secured the Pip-Boy edition. Otherwise, here are your (pre-order) options.

Best Buy: Fallout 4, its Season Pass (normally $30) and a pair of socks for $85 (“save” $5).

Amazon: Fallout 4 and a Vaulet-Tec Perks Poster (for physical editions, not PC/Xbox One digital versions) for $60.

Steam: Fallout 4 and the Fallout 4 Announcer Pack for Dota 2, starring Mister Handy, for $60.

GameStop: Fallout 4, a Vaulet-Tec Perks Poster, and entrance into the “Enter the Vault” sweepstakes.

Worth considering for some: This bundle. 500GB Xbox One + Fallout 4 + Gears of War: Ultimate Edition + a second controller for $300, though Fallout 4 is coming out before Black Friday. The game on its own might find itself discounted in the deal onslaught, too.

Or: the official Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle: 1TB Xbox One + Fallout 4 + Fallout 3 (eventually backwards compatible) for $400 right at Fallout 4‘s launch.