Where's our MLB 15 The Show review? (Royals suck edition)


Sony provided release date, PS4 code

PlayStation’s baseball monopoly continues this year with the consistently good MLB 15 The Show (PS3, PS4, Vita). That does come with more caveats than ever this year. Online servers seem to be shutting down for the previous year’s release earlier and earlier. It doesn’t seem like any effort is going into the Vita version, so you should be hesitant to pick that up.

Sony didn’t provide its typical pre-release review copies of The Show. I was provided a code for PS4 version at launch (last night), which I was only 60 percent done with installing after something close to five hours (hope that helps withlast year’s load times). Thankfully, during that long install, you can play Giants-Royals in San Francisco (over and over again). Familiar enough to me, as a Giants fan.

It’s where I caught this nice piece of footage. I didn’t do anything with the error, grounding into a double play and eventually losing 2-1. It followed my first game, however, where I guided Bumgarner to a complete game, one hit shutout.

So the game is out and it’s likely good (except on Vita) because it tends to be good, but I’ll have a review for you sometime next week.