Where's our review of The Evil Within?


I’ll tell you

[Update:We ended up buying our own copy at release.]

A few people have been asking about a review for The Evil Within, so I figured I’d clarify the situation a bit, even if the embargo is tomorrow. Over the past week or so, Bethesda has been fairly sparing with giving out copies. A number of my peers were unable to procure the PC version, and in other cases (ours included), any version at all.

There is at least one review up from an outlet that was able to get an early copy through other means, and is thus not bound by the embargo. As always, I suggest not pre-ordering a game/paying for it in full until you read some impressions on it. Whether it’s a testament from a trusted friend, content producer, or reviewer, it’s always good to get the big picture before you plunk down your hard-earned cash.

If necessary tomorrow we will buy a copy of the game and try to get a review out as soon as we can.I’ve always believed in being open about the review process, but this isn’t really a new thing for Destructoid. It was done before me when Jim Sterling was heading up the program, and before him with Aaron Linde.