Which console marketplace is your favorite?


PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U

I was flipping through the various storefronts of the PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One this week, encountering random issues throughout, and suddenly wondered if anyone actually liked them. We often take them for granted, but if there’s a really cool digital-only release coming out, I want to be able to find it and play it as soon as possible.

This is probably going to disappoint you all, but the Xbox One is easily my favorite. All I have to do is say “Xbox, Bing…” and I usually find a game I want to buy without fail. DLC is also easily accessible (ha) if I want it, and the “Xbox use a code” feature is a godsend as a reviewer.

I find the PS4’s store rather cumbersome, especially since it feels disconnected from the UI as its own separate app. It’s the same thing with the Wii U, which is a huge upgrade from the Wii, but still my least favorite of the three. Of course, I omitted Steam because I expect it to win by a landslide.

What’s your pick?

Which current console platform do you prefer to shop on?