Whimsical mini-RPG Picontier might not make it to Switch this year


There is a new trailer for us to enjoy

Earlier this year, I posted a short list of 3DS games we could look forward to for 2018 as support for the handheld winds down. The list was written before the confirmation of titles such as Luigi’s Mansion, WarioWare Gold, and Yo-Kai Watch Blasters, meaning this year is actually more bountiful than I anticipated. Unfortunately, it looks like one of the titles scheduled to launch in 2018 on the 3DS and Switch won’t make it before we ring in the new year.

Picontier, a “slow-moving miniscapeRPG” from the developers of Fairune, was originally supposed to launch in 2017 but was pushed back to this year so developers could complete work on the PC, 3DS, Switch, and PS4 versions all at the same time. Now, it looks like only the PC version will make 2018.

FlyhighWorks, the game’s publisher, confirmed the title will hit Steam this yearbut will wait for feedback before it launches on the other platforms. Given how many developers are abandoning the 3DS in favor of Switch, I hope this team keeps both versions in development.

To tide people over, Flyhigh Works dropped a brief, new trailer for the title.

Yep, I still want it.

Picontierreleasing this Winter [Japanese Nintendo]