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Who wants to stay in this Super Mario-inspired apartment?

There’s free Wi-Fi too

Looking for a game-flavoured place to stay the next time you’re in Tokyo?

This Mario-inspired apartmentin Meguro, Tokyo – nicknamed (unsurprisingly) ‘Mario World’ – is stuffed with a veritable smorgsbord of Mario-related items.

It’s not just the decor, either. Every inch of the place is crammed with familiar icons and motifs, including the light fixtures, flatware, furniture, ornaments and, er, tissue boxes.

“This apartment embodies the spirit of an iconic Japanese video-game character with geek chic without falling into a ‘kids bedroom’ cliché,” writes the owner on the Airbnb website.

“This is not a cheap, second-hand apartment made for cynical reasons, it’s a piece of art from the heart. I made a lot of the items you see by hand, and painted quite a few, too.”

But it’s not all just eye-candy. For the modest sum of $77/£50 a night for up to four guests, you can also use the Retron 5 console and take your pick from a selection of classic games from NES, SNES, Gameboy and Megadrive/Genesis.

Looks great, right? Besides that “About to Hatch” sign in the bathroom. That is just gross.

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