Whoa, seeing all of the Nintendo-published physical Switch games in one image is neat


Behold, the fruits of Nintendo’s labor

So as of…give or take a week and a half or so, the Switch is officially four years old. Which also means that Zelda: Breath of the Wildis four.

It’s been a long time coming to see Nintendo at the top of their game again (as I continue to pour out numerous beverages for the Wii U, which never got its due – no, I won’t let it go), but this infographic from RedditorGreenDonuts88 (great name) shows us how far they’ve come.

Note the parameters for this image here. It’s “all the Nintendo Switch games with physical releases that were published by Nintendo.” It’s several qualifiers in one, but it gets the job done and shows you just how far Nintendo has gone to personally ensure the Switch is a hit.

It also really reminded me of the early days of the Switch: the wild wild west where 1-2 Switchwas a thing, and we were milking cow udders as a minigame. Also, Arms! The list takes me back in a big way, mostly with positive fuzzy feelings.

I think I own like…95% of this list?

Here’s All the Nintendo Switch Games With Physical Releases That Were Published by Nintendo [Reddit]