Whoa there Xenoblade Chronicles X alien, put on some pants!


Alien pubes

There’s a special Nintendo Direct going on right now for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

As someone who has paid little attention thus far, I have no idea what’s happening despite the Direct’s best attempts at setting the stage and lore before diving into actual gameplay. So, naturally, I got excited when this little alien showed up. Darren made a pube joke and now I can’t unsee it. We even had a back and forth to figure out who captured the better image — his had a nasty watermark, but mine “[didn’t] prominently display the pubes.” So we had to go back into the footage and grab another screencap. The things we do for love.

If you’re only now tuning in, members of Nintendo’s product development division Treehouse are demoing X and it looks so cool even to my untrained eyes. A huge open world full of huge alien monsters and real-time combat and pilotable mechs? Say no more.