Why not celebrate Street Fighter's 30th anniversary with an $8,000 gold bar?


Bison dollars not accepted

Street Fighter celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. Quite the milestone. For many of us, the release of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is more than enough of a celebration, letting us all relive a selection of classic games all over again.

But what if that’s just not enough for you? What if you need to break the bank to celebrate the occasion? Well, you’re in luck, as Capcom are releasing SOLID GOLD INGOTS, emblazoned with the logo of M. Bison’s evil empire, Shadaloo. The very specific collector’s item comes embedded in a plaque featuring the anniversary logo and artwork of Shadaloo’s legendary “four kings”.

How much, you ask? Well, you can bag yourself a 100g solid gold Shadaloo bar for just ¥950,000, or roughly $8,600 USD. For the more thrifty among you, a smaller 10g ingot can be purchased for ¥180,000, or about $1,650. The latter can even be purchased with a neckchain, so you can wear the ingot around your neck like a crazy person.

If you’re interested in checking out the ingots, then they are available at the Chugaionline Store. For the rest of us, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is available now on PS4, Xbox One , PC and Nintendo Switch.