Why yes, I'd play Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a Game Boy Color


Here’s a mockup, not a project Nintendo’s lawyers are ready to pounce on

The Game Boy Zeldagames don’t get enough love. Sure you hear Link’s Awakening mentioned fairly often, but the Oraclegames and Minish Cap, not so much.

That might change if Nintendo prominently featured them on the Switch at some point (like they have on 3DS and Wii U collectively), but for now, we can look at what could have been. A fan has created a mockup of Breath of the Wildon the Game Boy Color, complete with a signatureBokoblin den that looks right out of the Wii U/Switch version.

These mockups warm my heart, especially for Nintendo projects, as the marriage of old and new is part of what makes the publisher so special. While folks often accuse Nintendo of just re-using ideas, the way they re-use them is often magical. That, and this also probably won’t warrant a cease and desist.

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