Wii U game to be pulled from eShop temporarily


Over legal concerns with the music

Troubled game launches are nothing new, but it isn’t everyday you see a developer submitting a request for its hot new project to be temporarily delisted from storefronts the day after release.

That’s just what budget game company RCMADIAX did Friday following the release of its Wii U title Avoider, looking to avoid potential legal trouble stemming from the game’s soundtrack.

According to RCMADIAX,Avoider‘s current music is a “close copy” of another track, and the studio plans to swap out the tunes for something that is less likely to land the developer in hot water.

While the composer@OnlyMattDesindmaintains any similarities between his work and the track in question (apparently“BIT57” from the 2011 Nintendo DSi gameRytmik Retrobits) are purely coincidence, it isn’t hard to feel suspicious if you compareBIT57 with the audio in the trailer below.

At any rate, for an obscure indie game on Wii U, you have to figure any publicity is good publicity.

RCMADIAX [Twitter via Nintendo Life]