Will there be winners in Fate/Grand Order's Garden of Sinners?


Mystic Eyes of Debt Perception

Another month, another mobile game event designed to try to get people to roll for sweet, sweet JPEGs. It’s just your luck that I happen to be playing a lot of Fate/Grand Order, and so you get to find out what’s going on there. Luckily, the new event is also good for fans of Type-MOON’s other work as well.

The event in question is calledThe Garden of Sinners: The Garden of Order, and features FGO’s first-ever crossover storyline, involving the characters of The Garden of Sinners. For the uninitiated, The Garden of Sinnerswas a novel series and one of the foundational texts of Type-MOON’s various releases, including Fate, Tsukihime, and others. It was adapted into a seven-part feature film series by Ufotable, which remains arguably the best thing they’ve done to date.

Players who participate in the event will be rewarded with the 4-Star Assassin-class Servant Shiki Ryogi, who is also the lead character in The Garden of Sinners. Shiki’s “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” allow her to perceive invisible seams in all of creation that, if traced by her knife, allow her to instantly kill pretty much anything, including ghosts, inanimate objects, and gods. Folks willing to take their chances on the premium gachamachine could also win a 5-Star, Saber-class version of Shiki, in this incarnation wearing an excellent selection of kimonos.

The event kicks off on Thursday, for those poor souls who are interested.