Win a code for Cities: Skylines' Snowfall expansion


We gotta get rid of five of them

There’s a scene in Goodfellaswhere the feds are going to raid the house, so Ray Liotta’s wife, Karen, flushes $60,000 worth of cocaine down the toilet. Ray Liotta is not happy with this coke-disposal and gets a little bit upset. Karen tells him there’s nothing she could do and this was the only way to stay out of prison. I always thought she was just getting back at him for all the creepy-ass laughing he did earlier in the film.

While not exactly contraband, we have five codes for the Cities: SkylinesSnowfalladd-on that recently released. Amazon sent them over, and since they came in an email, we can’t really flush them down the toilet. How about youse guys hold onto them and if anyone asks, you don’t know us? Capiche?

In case you’re looking for a more reputable dealer, Amazon sells the SnowfallDLC. It’s $13, which isn’t a sale or anything. It’s just a way to circumvent sitting around wondering if Mike Martin’s going to pick you as the contest winner. This will end in disappointment for all but five of you because life’s great.

I grew up in North Dakota as a baseball-playin’ boy. My love of summer combined with North Dakota’s bitterly long winters meant that I really hate winter. Tell me why you also hate winter for a chance at winning a Snowfallcode. If you actually like winter, pretend you don’t just this once; throw away your convictions for an outside chance at a freebie.

Cities: Skylines – Snowfall[Amazon]