Win a Star Wars: The Last Jedi prize pack… and also the box office numbers


Box office round up

It’s the week before Star Warsand that means no movie is really dumb enough to open up over the past weekend just to have its second-week box office destroyed by everyone seeing Star Wars. As such the box office sucked and there’s nothing much to talk about so I’m going to give away this Star Wars: The Last Jedi prize pack we’ve got instead.

Included in the pack are two Fandango cash vouchers to see the film (worth $21 each, which should get you into the movie in most formats), a cinch bag for carrying stuff that needs to be cinched, a t-shirt for when you need to go out in public, some temporary tattoos for when you want to temporarily be a bad ass, and a mini-poster for when you want a poster but you don’t want to to be too big. You’ll get all these things mailed to you nice and quick when you win

Just think some day, in the distant future, when you’re dead and your great grandkids are unpacking your attic they’ll stumble across a sheet of unused The Last Jedi tattoos. A rarity to be sure, and a boon to collectors. They’ll sell them for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and buy a small business with the money. In turn they’ll turn that business into a global corporation that controls everything, and your last name will become synonymous with success. All this because you entered this contest.

But how to win. How to win indeed. I… ummm… I don’t know. Contests are hard, especially for the fate of humanity’s corporate future.

Leave a comment about any of the movies that are not Star Wars in the top ten. We’ll select a winner this afternoon and have an email out to you soon. Good luck!

1.Coco–$18,303,0002.Justice League–$9,595,0003.Wonder–$8,450,0003. The Disaster Artist–$6,435,5145.Thor: Ragnarok– $6,291,0006.Daddy’sHome 2– $6,000,0007.Murder on the Orient Express–$5,100,0008.The Star– $3,675,0009. Lady Bird– $3,547,46910. Just Getting Started–$3,181,568