Windjammers 2 will let fly on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass


Two more stars join the sun-baked roster

Wow, it has been a journey to the launch of Dotemu’s flashy arcade sequel, Windjammers 2. First announced back in the summer of 2018, the global hypercolor sequel to Data East’s legendary arcade release continues its deliberate trek toward its eventual day in the sun. The publisher continues to build hype toward the sequel’s release and has announced not only an Xbox One port but also that Windjammers 2 will be made available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on launch.

Alongside this fab update, Dotemu also released a new trailer, looking at two more characters joining Windjammers 2‘s wild and eccentric cast of power disc-flingers. First up is returning Windjammers veteran Jordi Costa, the Spanish powerhouse whose mighty arms, (and haircut you can set your watch by), will no doubt be teaching some of these Johnny-come-lately whippersnappers a few old-school lessons about the traditions of frisbee tossing.

Joining Jordi is brand new character Sammy Ho, a budding young Chinese superstar famed for his green thumb as much as his sand-covered fingers. Not only an expert in the fine art of Windjamming, Sammy is also a highly skilled and passionate gardener. No doubt he will be looking to plant his opponents — flat on their faces, that is. A powerful mid-range player, Sammy can also call up a majestic dragon to aid him in his goal-smashing Power Throws.

No one can deny that it has taken this rad-looking release forever and a day to come to fruition, (it was originally scheduled for 2019, after all). With its fluid, hand-drawn animations, deceptively simple gameplay, embrace of ’90s cheese, crossplay capabilities, and revitalized multiplayer action, Dotemu will be looking for Windjammers 2 to make a big splash on the competitive scene when it finally hits the sands on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch, and Stadia.