Winter Sale picks: $21 Rainbow Six Siege, $38 Planet Coaster, and lowest No Man's Sky returns


Winter sales. Winter sales everywhere

With the solstice behind us, and now that winter has technically begun, so too have the sales. Today Steam began its massive Winter Sale while competing retailers like GMG and GamersGate refreshed their own offers to look more attractive. It’s a win-win for PC gamers looking for the best price.

At a quick count, today GMG launched 662 new deals in its 2016 Winter Sale. This adds to its already ~1,000 active deals and now includes the best offers of the year on titles like Rainbow Six Siege, Doom, No Man’s Sky, Dishonored 2, Far Cry Primal, and more. You can check out a full list of the deals here, or see the top deals below. Be sure to apply GMG’s 10% off Winter sale themed coupon code for the best prices. You’ll also receive a free “mystery game” with every purchase.

Steam’s 2016 Winter Sale covers the most titles with thousands of discounts across its whole platform. As a general rule, competing retailers will try to undercut Steam prices. While Steam has long since lost its “best discount” crown, any game that is exclusively sold on Steam like ARK: Survival Evolved or Planet Coaster is getting its best offers of the year (both of those titles are at historic lows today).

Last on the list is GamersGate, whose sale isn’t especially large, but has the best offers ever on Ubisoft’s Steep and Watch Dogs 2. In the case of Watch Dogs 2, they’ve reduced the price 45%, which is blowing away the competition.

GamersGate Christmas Sale

GMG Winter Sale

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Steam Winter Sale