Witcher musical opening in Poland this November


Geralt is alive with the sound of music

I’ve only started working my way through the Witcher series this year, but even with my limited knowledge I never took Geralt for a very musical fellow. It appears despite his rather stoic demeanor, Geralt will be slaying monsters mid-songbecause a Witcher musical is actually happening.

The show is called Wiedzmin which is the original Polish title for the book series and will be opening this November, in Gdynia, Poland. Should you be in Poland you can find ticketing information here.

It isn’t some small production, either. Eurogamer reports the show would feature up to 51 people on stage from actors, dancers, acrobats, and breakdancers. It even has a full orchestra.

The show will feature adaptationsof five short Witcher stories from The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny books.

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