With the Switch version out, Dragon Ball FighterZ hits 3.5 million sold worldwide


Digital and physical

It’s easy to forget that Dragon Ball FighterZ came out in 2018 (we didn’t, it’s already being discussed for our Game of the Year lists right now) given that it launched on January 26. But since then it’s taken the fighting game community by storm, dominating viewership in both casual and hardcore-oriented tournaments.

It also has the sales to boot: and this isn’t even including any DLC it may have pushed. Just this week Bandai Namco has revealed that in the wake of the recent Switch release (in late September), Dragon Ball FighterZ has moved 3.5 million copies. That number is a mix of digital and physical units and is roughly a 1.5 million increase since their initial reported sales figures in January.

Arc System Works has got to be enjoying this resplendent new era. It absolutely crushed Capcom in terms of representation at EVO 2018 and is enjoying lucrative property deals along the way. It’ll be interesting to see the fighting game landscape in 2019 and if FighterZ, the most-watched EVO stream to date, is headlining tournaments over Street Fighter V.

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