With two more exclusive amiibo up for pre-order, we just need Amazon to get with the program


Amazon, why are you bad at amiibo

You might want to consult the great amiibo chart, as things are getting confusing.

As we head into June, a boat load of amiibo are coming. So far we have three new Link variants, three Splatoon variants, a new singlePikminfive-creature figure, and six amiibo to close out the Smash line — two variants each of Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta.

Twilight Princess Link and Cloud Player 2 are exclusive to GameStop, which are accounted for. Today, Majora’s Mask Link and Bayonetta Player 2 are up for pre-order from Best Buy. So who does that leave? Amazon of course! They’ve yet to put up US pre-orders for Skyward Sword Link and Corrin Player 2, their confirmed exclusives.

Amazon is notoriously bad at stocking and selling Nintendo products (take the Neon Yellow Joy-Con pair for instance, you can pre-order it readily anywhere but Amazon), so it begs the question why they still get exclusive amiibo deals. Again, everything else is up for pre-order, and exclusives were available for at least several days — I hope Amazon isn’t pulling another”hey it’s live for five minutes in five minutes, go!”

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