Wonder Boy Returns Remix is headed to Nintendo Switch this month


Grab your board

CFK are bringing their PC remake of the classic Sega arcade Wonder Boy to the Nintendo Switch later this month. Wonder Boy Returns Remix will feature the updated audio and visuals of the PC release, but will also include an all new “Charge Shot” attack.

Released way back in 1986, Wonder Boy features the titular cave kid on a mission to rescue his cutie-pie girlfriend from the Dark King. Aside from its dangerously infectious theme tune, Wonder Boy is known for its tricky platform negotiation, unbelievably slippy controls, and the implementation of a wacky skateboarding gimmick, all of which are retained in CFK’s 2016 remake.

Wonder Boy Returns Remix will be made available to download from the Nintendo eShop on May 23, priced at around $15. In related Wonder Boy news, LizardCube’s excellent remake of The Dragon’s Trap is coming to iOS and Android devices on May 30.