Wonder Woman is coming to Fortnite, and I'm wondering why the hell she doesn't have the invisible jet


Did Steve steal it?

This past week, Superman entered theĀ Fortnite fray as part of the season pass, through a fun series of quests that only took an afternoon to complete. Now, Wonder Woman is helping shore up the Justice League roster, but unfortunately she’s arriving as a paid add-on. Oh, and without the invisible jet, which is the most obvious glider for her. What?! That was such an obvious tee up.

She’ll arrive on August 19 at 8PM ET when the store refreshes. So get this: she comes with the “Golden Eagle Wings Glider” (what?), Athena’s Battleaxe, the DC Trinity Loading Screen, and Diana’s Mantle Back Bling (with two variants). She’ll also be a part of the “Wonder Woman Cup” competition, which kicks off on August 18, and lets you earn the character for free if you earn a ton of points. “The top performing teams in reach region” will get it, which means basically no one is actually earning it for free, but you can dream. If you get eight or more points though you’ll unlock the “Honorary Amazons” loading screen.

So back to the Wonder Woman glider situation. What?! I mean how did this brainstorm meeting go? Did someone put the kibosh on it from on high? DC has been doing a lot of that these days, so I can totally see it. Whoever did it, if you’re reading this: shame on you.