Wonder Woman game is in the works from Monolith


No Lasso of Truth needed

We’ve gotten plenty of surprises so far from The Game Awards, but one of the biggest shocks has been the announcement that Monolith is working on a Wonder Woman game. We didn’t get, well, any other information than that, but boy are we excited about it.

Given the recent success of superhero games, as well as the Wonder Woman movies, it’s not a surprise to hear that this game is in development, but still a pleasant one. The trailer showed only close up shots of Diana, and a voiceover from a character who we can presume to be her mother, so we’re not sure what the actual game is going to be like yet. Still, the hype is real.

Monolith Productions already have some successful titles under their belt, most notably the Middle-earth series set in the world of The Lord of the Rings. This won’t be Wonder Woman‘s debut in a video game, but we do think her first solo game is in good hands.