World of Horror is gonna mess us up in February


Scary stories to play with the lights on

World of Horror, a lo-fi horror RPG in which “sanity is dwindling” in a quaint seaside town, can’t possibly end well for anyone not while Old Gods are in the picture. The game has five protagonists, “each with their own story and a different perspective on the events that unfold,” and it’s bathed in dread.

Developer Panstasz has committed to a PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch release toward the end of 2020, but first up, Steam Early Access. This initial PC version is due out February 20, and “several additional mysteries, more characters, and dozens of new events will be added for 1.0 launch.”

Uzumaki seems like a major source of inspiration, and given how things went from bad to worse to unspeakably bonkers in Junji Ito’s epic manga series, World of Horror should be one to remember.

This game first sparked my interest in 2018, so it’s nice to have a date finally locked down.