World of Warcraft: Legion's potential last raid, Antorus the Burning Throne, is out this month


November 28

Blizzard has finally announced when Antorus, the Burning Throne is going to arrive in World of Warcraft: Legion— November 28 for normal and Heroic difficulties. For those who haven’t been keeping up, both the horde and alliance have met the Burning Legion’s forces on Argus, in an effort to take back the homeland of the Eredar. All that stands in their way is the heart of the planet itself.

So that’s for hardcore raiders to worry about. For casual players, LFR capabilities (read: a simplified “looking for raid” version you can queue into without a group) start on December 5 with the first wing, followed by the second wing on December 19, the third on January 2, and the fourth on January 16.

So let’s sum up what’s next for Legionbefore the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, presumably drops sometime in the fall of 2018. You basically have Antorus Mythic progression or LFR to entertain you early in the year, then the scaling changes are coming for the level 1-60 experience — allowing you more freedom when leveling alts (alternate characters).

It stands to reason that since Blizzard has been so adamant about supporting Legionmore than Draenorthat there mightbe a light raid (like Trials of Valor) in addition to some more story content leading into the new big Horde versus Alliance skirmish. I’ve been pretty satisfied with how they’ve handled it so far, so I’m going to be fine with taking a few months off here and there until the next hotness drops.

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