World of Warcraft's at its lowest playercount since 2005


Lowest since vanilla WoW

World of Warcraft isn’t at its strongest right now. In fact, according to Activision’s Q2 2015 Earnings Call, the subscriber numbers have dropped to their lowest point since 2005, with only 5.6 million subscribers. This is a drop of 1.5 million players since its last quarter.

A chart made by MMO Champion shows some worrying things: this has been the lowest subscriber count since before Burning Crusade, the very first expansion. While Warlords of Draenor did cause a small spike in subscriptions, it only got it to the same place as at the start of Mists of Pandaria.

According to Activision, Fury of Hellfire managed to stabilise the subscriber rates, and it seems confident that the new expansion to be announced at Gamescom will help bring the playercount back up. Not to mention the Warcraft film due to be released next year that might help get the game back out there.

It’s also still the biggest subscribed-to MMO in the world, 11 years after release, so maybe this drop is to be expected considering it’s a dinosaur in online game terms.

I played WoW for the first time last month, and chose not to resubscribe. I just couldn’t find a decent guild or any interesting social aspects which is usually what I’d want to play an MMO for, despite me enjoying most of the other things I saw in the game.

Have you managed to stick with WoW?