World War Z's new 'Six Skulls' update offers up new opportunities to get devoured


The Dead Don’t Die

Saber Interactive has dropped its latest update for frenetic multiplayer shooter World War Z. The new “Six Skulls” update brings with it a new difficulty setting for the most hardened zombie killers, along with a few other bits of neat content.

Available now on all platforms, the new “Extreme” difficulty setting requires expert teamwork, pin-point accuracy, and tight management of ammunition and resources. Described in the video below as “no joke”, this new challenge will put you and your squads ability and efficiency to the limit, with unique rewards lined up for those skilled enough to make it through the rotting masses.

Completing one chapter in Extreme will earn you the Wakizashi samurai sword, perfect for those head-lopping close encounters. Those who survive the entire campaign will be graced with an all-new sniper rifle variant, perfect for thinning the herd at long distance whilst showing off your achievements.

Going forward in July, World War Z will receive its first paid DLC weapon skin bundle, as well as a larger, free-for-all update which will include new character and weapon skins and a slew of new challenges. So keep those iron sights raised, as it looks like the war is far from over.

World War Z is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.