Wow, Konami actually killed P.T. on PS5


The lengths Konami will go…

Konami has already gone to great lengths to scrub P.T.from existence, that much is well-documented. Following the cancelation of Silent Hills, P.T.was abruptly pulled from the PlayStation Store and unable to be downloaded ever again. The only way to play P.T.was to already have it on your PS4’s hard drive.

Now, Konami has made sure the beloved playable teaser’s ghosts remain in the past. After some will it/won’t it discussion over on through PS5 backward compatibility, it seems as though Konami has delivered thecoup de grâce.

Polygon reports that P.T.can’t be transferred from a PS4 to the PS5’s SSD storage. Because of this, it’s not supported through backward compatibility.

Here’s what’s weird though: Polygon also reports that P.T. worked on the PS5 at one point. In late October, Polygon did a data transfer and played P.T. from the beginning. It was perfectly playable. However, after a factory reset, the transfer couldn’t be initiated again. The functionality was removed sometime in the few days leading up to this morning’s PS5 review embargo.

Sony points the finger at Konami and calls this “a publisher’s decision.” Konami had told us in the past that P.T.wouldn’t work on PS5, but the logic behind that statement seemed shaky. Konami said that P.T.wasn’t PS5-compatible because you could no longer download it from the PlayStation Store. We had already known that. It seemed to reason that anyone who simply transferred the files would be all set.

Not so, and it’s entirely because Konami is hellbent on making sure P.T.dies. At this point, it’s probably best to not even try the transfer just in case something happens to the file on your PS4. Someone needs to preserve history because Konami’s actively trying to erase it.

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