Wow! World of Warcraft Classic is launching on August 27


Still included in a regular WoW sub

World of Warcraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year (it feels older, doesn’t it?), and WoW Classicwill be joining in on the festivities. It’ll launch on August 27, and will herald in a “World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” that’s set to debut later on in the year on October 8.

That collector release will sport a “treasure trove of collectibles (an Onyxia pin, an Azeroth map mousepad, art prints) and in-game bonus items (Alabaster Stormtalon and Thunderwing mounts),” as well as 30 days of game time for WoW(and Classic, since it’s included in the base subscription), on top of a 10-inch tall Ragnaros statue. That’ll run you 100 bucks. It’s steep, but sleek as hell (and Rag/Onynxia cover a lot of classic hallowed ground).

Modern dayWoW will be partaking in the anniversary too with in-game events “later this year,” like a 25-raid (with matchmaking) that features “some of the most iconic bosses from the game’s history.” You’ll net theObsidian Worldbreaker mount, based on Deathwing. It’ll be a banger, and you can probably expect to see Ragnaros in the mix. I wouldn’t mind seeing Illidan make the cut as well, which is still one of my personal favorite raid bosses to date.

As a reminderWoW Classicwill ship with Drums of War patch 1.12.0 in tow, which is the same state that the game was in on August 22, 2006.The actual official World of Warcraft 15th anniversary is on November 24, 2019.Odds are we’ll get a bigger look at all of this at BlizzCon this year.