WWE 2K17 hits PC on February 7


This is Portberg! Who’s next?

All you PC fans out there waiting for your wrestling fix will be happy to know that WWE 2K17 is heading to the platform on February 7, 2017. While you’ll receive the pre-order bonus of Goldberg for free, there is still going to be a season pass to rip you off. Oddly enough, all released content will be included, but future stuff is being locked away behind the season pass. Way to make this release confusing as hell, 2K!

WWE 2K17 may not be the best game around, but a PC port could fix a lot of the major issues. For one, you’d be able to mod the hell out of the game, possibly bringing back Hulk Hogan and including oft-forgotten wrestlers. You could also run the game at a normal framerate, since the console versions play like trash. Then there is the ability to grab this on a Steam sale, reducing the price to a point where you won’t feel the sting of regret from your decisions.

WWE 2K17 Coming To PC February 7 [2K]