WWE 2K17 released on PC today, think of all the things you can do


Right all of the wrongs

It’s hard to have a consistently positive relationship with professional wrestling. Anyone above a certain intelligence (like 40 IQ) is destined to become a “smark,” a smart mark who understands that wrestling is fake but enjoys it on a more conceptual level. It’s these people who find themselves at odds between what they want a company like the WWE to do and what the WWE actually does.

WWE 2K17released on PC today. It costs either $50 or $75 depending on how many additional wrestlers you want. Also, WWE 2K17isn’t very good according to Mike. So maybe you shouldn’t get it.

But, maybe you should get it because just think of all the things you can do — all the things that WWE won’t do in real life. You could have Kevin Owens not drop the belt to Goldberg at Fastlane. You could have Lesnar and Goldberg not hurtling toward a Wrestlemania match that will probably be for the Universal Championship despite the fact that they’re both part-timers. You could have Undertaker go out against someone who’s not Roman fucking Reigns. You could have Seth Rollins not tear his MCL and miss his second straight Wrestlemania because the man deserves way better than that.

I mean, just think of all the things you can do.

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